Because this ultimately always starts with identity politics. My name’s Kate. I’m a fujoshi and mostly shoujo fangirl. My favourite shows of the season (Fall 2016) are Kiss Him Not Me and Magic-Kyun! Renaissance. So I’m a woman, who likes woman-oriented anime and I decided to read a site called Anime Feminist.

In short, fuck that shit. In length, I decided to go through AnimeFeminist’s monthly round-up post to see if there was ANYTHING interesting.mad-level-top

I’m not opposed to a “feminist anime site” but FUCK that’s all women get. That’s all you do. Every single site. Fuck shoujo, fuck talking positively about things women like. We can only do this feminist ideology and that’s the only anime news women care about I guess.

Let me and a million other girls read our Twilight manga girl porn, fiction is fiction. When I see this site, all I fucking see is “oh great, they’re trying to chase the fun out of ANOTHER thing girls like.” Great, make another 100 ‘romcoms are bad’ articles, those are REVOLUTIONARY. ‘Women and human beings in general like things in fiction which are bad in real life’ wow great thank you.

[Discourse] When anime treats sexual assault as entertainment
I don’t care. If this was just one article, maybe I wouldn’t have cared. But this is all the articles. Every single one. Like I said, fiction is fiction. An article that could have been focused on literally any of aspect of shoujo. An articles explaining the jokes of Kiss Him Not Me? An articles looking into the artistic references of Magic Kyun? Looking at Japanese mythology in Natsume Yuujinchou? Whatever is going on with the one shoujo harem I don’t watch this season Uta no☆Prince-sama, something to do with male idols? Nope, never ever. Got to get that click bait I guess.

[Feature] Straight guys!!! on ICE
I don’t care? “A post on heteronormative responses to Yuri!!! on ICE in English speaking fandom” Oh God fuck off who caaaares. It’s like, you can’t actually WRITE about how it’s good. You can only write about it as “THIS ANIME IS BREAKING GENDER BOUNDS” I don’t care. I care if something is good. But this is just a continuous stream of “this is GOOD because of MY IDEOLOGICAL STANCE” and “THIS IS BAD BECAUSE OF MY IDEOLOGICAL STANCE”. Even when sites that are meant to be female-focus try praising something it’s just a constant ‘this is GOOD because my ideology’ and nothing else. It’s a beautiful show, the animation looks beautiful, personally I found it boring and dropped it early. Like a less fun Free. Like all the parts of Free that I didn’t care about. So whatever. Write about it.

Next is a list of article recommendations on other sites which is… equally awful.
Japan and LGBT representation /8 Japanese lesbian movies you might want to check out/Your name, our anime: defending the new and female otaku.

Every. Single. Article.

Flipping through the site, the only decent article thus far has been “[Feature] Could the Tokyo 2020 Olympics lead to more women’s sports anime?” — which has a decent idea behind it (although I have issues with it, since the market for shoujo sports is still there, but it’s in manga), but hearing the author’s issues with editorial staff helps understand why it’s definitely not as well presented and precise as perhaps it should be.

I find myself reading this site with a ‘What was I expecting’ thought in my mind. A site that took ‘feminist’ to mean ‘female-centric’. No. Never ever. Eveeeeer. At least this has more of a excuse than The Mary Sue (a site for female fans which only views media through an ideological lens, which I bitched about on Twitter before), it’s straight up called ‘Anime Feminist’.

If I have a message for the folks there it’s this: if this is ALL you have to say on the female influence in anime and manga, god damn. Maybe try hiring some people who actually like female-oriented anime instead of the millionth article that reads the exact same.


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