One of my New Year Resolutions this year is to complain less, and promote and send praise to articles and bloggers who’s work I enjoy more. Here’s a list of a blogposts I enjoyed this past year! (If you have any blogs or such you think I would like, I fully enjoy recommendation over at @filthyfujoshi on Twitter.)

Beneath the Tangles – On Folklore, Natsume and Nature

Heroine Problem – Please Tell Me! Galko-chan: The Grossest Educational Anime You’ll Ever Watch

Unnecessary Exclamation Mark – Mahoutsukai no Yome’s Magical Realism

Unnecessary Exclamation Mark – What’s the Matter With Moe? An Inside Look

Unnecessary Exclamation Mark – Christianime: Finding God’s Family

Josei Next Door – Magic-Kyun Renaissance and the Spark(le) of Creativity

The Backloggers – Jinrui wa Suitai Shimashita – The Morality of the Fae

The Backloggers – Are the Game and Reality Separate?: Talking About Netoge and Online Identity

Mystical Authoress – De-isolation and decluttering oneself in “Magic! Kyun Renaissance”

Otaku in My Veins – Quirks and How They Define Us

Otaku in My Veins – Is Everything “Christian”? Stories that Connect Us

Otaku in My Veins – Sakamoto and the Measuring Stick

For Me In Full Bloom – ‘Cause There’s No Nicer Witch Than You: The Visual and Magic of Flying Witch

Bi The Dark Side – The Humanity of Galko-chan

Teatime with Senpai – Nozaki-kun’s Monthly Girls’ and the One Who Actively Pursues Your Heart

Moonlitasteria – Food Preparation And Memories In Amaama to Inazuma

Anime Seikou – Kono Bijutsubu ni wa Mondai ga Aru! – Kids Will Be Kids

Anime Seikou – The Definition of Hero

Ajay – Dragon Ball Super Production Issues Explained

Mage in a Barrel – Idol Incubation: The Circumstances of Fledging Idols in Macross

Mage in a Barrel – My Boyfriend is an Immortal Pilot

The Canipa Effect – Ufotable: Unlimited Digital Works | Anime Studio Spotlight

The Canipa Effect – Pokemon XY: An Anime Evolution


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