A very, very belated Valentine’s post about mai anime waifu, Chichi from Dragon Ball.

c-u-t-eIt’s hard to write about why Chichi is my favourite character in all of anime, and the female character that I both want to marry and want to become when I marry. She’s so marred with hatred from people that deciding which way I’m going to write about my adoration of her character is difficult. Do I defend her decisions and personality? Do I talk about her role in the story and how I admire her for it? Do I talk about the aspects of her personality I love?

I think I will talk about how her, as a character, made me think different about love in general. I think love is being okay with losing a fight — but to never stop fighting.

tumblr_nt7owjfvzf1saftdqo1_1280So there’s this idea of love — of The One — that most romances in fiction fall into. And fighting… isn’t a part of that at all. That couples are these miraculous being who through destiny will meet and automatically agree on everything. And they’ll never fight on how their children should be raised. And they won’t be different people with different goals and personality traits that will never quite mesh. That sort of love, that sort of character dynamic is… uninteresting to me.

People disagree on whether Goku loves Chichi, or if their marriage was a good thing for either of them, but none of those thoughts really matter to me. Chichi is perseverant through out everything. She compromises, she wins battles, and she loses battles on how their life will be together.

ciho4qgwkauj0sgAnd Goku does too, I love Goku also. He learns throughout the series that people don’t react to events and emotions the way he does. He doesn’t see the people who he loves and adores for long, long periods and it doesn’t bother him. But it bothers them. In the Cell arc, he tells Gohan to take care of her, because he knows she’ll be suffering. In the epilogue, he tells her that he’ll be sure to come back every now and then. The same with Super.

But even through compromise and losing battles, Chichi holds onto her beliefs and her values. She’ll give in, and let Gohan fight Cell, but she won’t roll over. And many fans really really want her to.

So love is losing a fight, and being okay with it.

0cc26f7d32506fae8031bb55d88150b2There’s other angles I could have written about how much I like Chichi – the way she’s almost a proto-yandere, tracking down her beau to beat him up and then becoming the most devoted wife ever, the tomboy romantic who decides to marry a boy at first touch, but, well, for Valentines I thought I’d go with what she made me think about love.



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