“When I watch anime while it airs, I have three months to think about them, to watch to see what articles and analysis comes out for it, but when I watch an older anime, and finish it what, two weeks, my thoughts on a show don’t sink in as much. So I decided that when I finish around three shows, I’ll write a blogpost on my thoughts on it. If you have any articles or information on any of these shows, I would love to read it so please comment with it! Finding information and analysis of older shows is… harder. This isn’t an ‘article’ or ‘review’, just a blogpost. 

trapp family

Trapp Ikka Monogatari — I had just seen the Sound of Music stage musical, and found myself researching the inaccuracies of it, when I came across an anime adaption of the Trapp family, and found it describes as ‘more accurate’ to real life. It was pretty good. The art of all the World Masterpiece Theater anime are really wonderful. It enjoyed it, but I wasn’t utterly enthralled with it, but it did spark my interest in watching the rest of the World Masterpiece Theater shows.

peter pan

Peter Pan no Bouken — this was the show that really got me. It was an adaption that felt singularly different and nogastic. Peter Pan is a dick, Wendy is adorable, and Tiger Lily is best girl. The final arc is… different I wouldn’t say in a great way. Just different. It reminded me of the Island Arc of Nadia. But the art is the same beautiful quality as the other WMT shows of the era, and the character and most of the plot are fun.


I fell in love with Akage no Anne, aka Anne the Redhead, aka Anne of Green Gables: Anime Edition. It was… magical? Anne is ‘complicated’, in the way that girls at the age of 13 are realistically complicated. Throughout all of her struggles, she shows her fortitude and humor, which reminds of the next entry Shoukoujo Sara. Sara is… less realistic, more unblinking happiness, whereas I felt Anne was extremely interesting. Anne of Green Gables was a book my mother loved, and try to get me to read as a child, and watching and seeing the anime adaption, I think I understand why. A lot of anime are ‘about growing up’, but I don’t think any really show the true maturing that comes with it. Anne seems happy to grow up, her childhood wasn’t a particularly pleasant one, but also happy to relish in it when she has the chance. The easy going pacing of the anime really helps it along that point of ‘growing up’. I adored Anne, I think everything should watch it.

princess sarah

Shoukoujo Sara — When I was a kid, I read A Little Princess. I can’t tell you a thing that happened in it though. Which I suppose is good, everything in the anime came as a shock. But I never found myself adoring it. It was nice, I suppose. I think about Anne, which I had watched before it, and nothing in Shoukoujo Sara is as satisfying as Anne. Compared to Anne, Sara is a slightly… shallower character. I can’t remember her ever getting mad, or bitter, or showing any sort of emotion other than friendship and love. Which is the moral, I suppose, to remain loving and true throughout hardships, and before hardships. Much like Cinderella, although it’s the opposite of Cinderella in plot I suppose. It’s fine, but not the best.


Kaze no Shoujo Emily — this was an anime adaption of Emily of New Moon, which is a book by the same author as Anne of Green Gables. And it shows. I suppose it’s a less idealised version of the world, although the heroine is the same similar ‘over-imaginative storyteller’ as Anne. It focuses a lot on the interpersonal relationships of a group of friends, and their romantic relationships. I actually wish it had it been longer, there are parts that are… overlooked. I know there’s a portion of a book with a secondary love interest that is cut although entirely, which is disappointing. I find myself comparing it A LOT to Anne of Green Gables. It has some similar story lines, they both have a part where the main character accidentally eats apples that believe to be poisoned to kill rats, only to find out it was a joke. I don’t know if it was the anime staff taking parts from other books, but it stuck out. It was a fun ride though. I do love these types of shows. It isn’t actually a part of World Masterpiece Theater, but it is in spirit and… I’d consider it a part of it spiritually.


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