When I watch anime while it airs, I have three months to think about them, to watch to see what articles and analysis comes out for it, but when I watch an older anime, and finish it what, two weeks, my thoughts on a show don’t sink in as much. So I decided that when I finish around three shows, I’ll write a blogpost on my thoughts on it. If you have any articles or information on any of these shows, I would love to read it so please comment with it! Finding information and analysis of older shows is… harder. This isn’t an ‘article’ or ‘review’, just a blogpost. 


Mirai Shounen Conan is real pretty. And aesthetic in an animated show is incredibly important. It was directed by Miyazaki Hayao, involving a somewhat dystopia future, I was somewhat expecting to be preached to. It’s the political climate, even though I’ve ever experienced that sort of annoyance at a Miyazaki work, I was on edge, especially when the bad guys are literally from a place called “Industia”. Of course, it was unfounded, it’s a fun sci-fi fantasy action adventure with cool planes, cool tech. The powerful technology they have to keep out of the bad guys hands is solar power. I don’t know, it always made me laugh. They never explained why the little girl and her grandpa were like, psychic? Why? How? It doesn’t matter I guess. Man, the art style of Miyazaki’s work is so beautiful, and it continues to be beautiful down to…


This is the superior anime Sherlock Holmes. Fuck that loli shit. Meitantei Holmes has Miyazaki listed as director, and it’s just as visually beautiful as you’d think. Much like I bet lolicons have fapped to Milky Holmes, I bet so many furries have fapped to Meitantei Holmes. Since Miyazaki directed, it has an abundance of cool planes and cars. I don’t really have a lot to write about it, I haven’t thought about it a lot since I’ve finished it, but it was a nice ride, with nice art and a decent plot.

ah my goddess

Admittedly, there are some blind spots in my anime history. I’m been slowing filling them, like with Ah! My Goddess! The series, to be exact. Man, the opening is good, but I was immediately pressed with the knowledge of ‘oh god, they are never ever going to get on with it and fuck, are they?’. And bitch, I’m right. I bet they don’t even fuck in the second season. The aesthetic value of contrasting ‘dirty and rough 2000’s technology building’ and ‘magic bullshit’ is real good. I’m not exactly rushing to watch the second series, but I enjoyed the first season well enough. ‘Dude gets a magical girlfriend out of nowhere’ shows are fun, and continuing the theme…


Mamotte Shugogetten! is ‘vaguely interested shrugging’: the anime. It’s fine. I literally only decided to watch it because it’s OP was used in a MAD for my favourite anime couple. It’s a decently attractive ‘guy gets a magical girlfriend out of nowhere’ show. It is fairly annoying that these show always leave it hanging, which leaves them as more adverts for the manga then something on their own. But it was enjoyable enough.


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